Our Story

When Tricia and Sarah met in 2019, it was art world kismet. Tricia, the owner of Pop Up Home, a vintage designer furniture and decor warehouse and Sarah, the owner of Art House Market, an art consultancy, quickly realized that they had more in common than the painting that had brought them together. Both Puerto Ricans living in Los Angeles, both Ivy League educated, both mothers (of sons named Miles), and both feeling called to further the careers of under-recognized artists, they decided at their first meeting to start an art space together. And UNREPD was born.

UNREPD's mission is simple: to offer a safe space for a diverse array of artists to sell their work, and for a legion of new and experienced collectors to buy it. Without the pretense, mystery, or insider's club often expected in art spaces, UNREPD welcomes anyone who makes or appreciates groundbreaking works of art.