SANDRINE ROSE ABESSERA (b. 1977; Paris, France) French born fashion designer and photographer, Sandrine Abessera is a self taught multimedia artist who finds her inspiration in the quotidien moments she captures through her lens. By observing our ever consuming social, urban, and natural environments through symbols and markers, Abessera’s work in turn is a mix of editorial melancholy and romantic utopia. Imbued with the spirit of exploration, a love for textures and urban youth subcultures of the ’70s, Abessera’s practice mixes DIY ethics with punk and street style graphics that adhere to a code in which art is about aesthetic impact. Abessera's multimedia, inter-medium approach to artmaking fuses her philosophy of execution through emotion. The images in focus – both found and made, still and moving – opens her art to the beauty and mystery captured in everyday life. Abessera’s work is rooted in personal experience, vision, and touch. Today, Sandrine lives and creates in Los Angeles, CA.