Rhiannon Griego


Rhiannon Griego is a textile artist based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Rhiannon finds harmonic resonance within the philosophies of Saori, Japanese Freeform Weaving, and its wabi-sabi nature. She committed herself to its practices and has been weaving in this tradition since 2013. Rhiannon concentrates on dimensional landscapes within her sculptural textiles; her work is inspired by the land, the spirit, and the deserts of the American Southwest. Rhiannon’s Mexican, Spanish and Tohono O’odham lineages provide an artistic portal through which she communes with her ancestors. Her objective in her work is to convey the preciousness of a finite resource—time—through the methodical process of weaving. Thread by thread, she utilizes warp and weft to suspend and find a spaciousness within time. Using fiber, bronze, brass, wax and other organic materials, Rhiannon encourages collectors to contemplate these objects of art as reminders of origin and of innate connection to the natural world. She has exhibited her fine art in California and New Mexico and has designed works for Ace Hotel and The Four Seasons. She is happiest when weaving near surrealistic rock formations, listening to ambient music and living life as the fullest expression of her spirit. 

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