Originally from South Bronx, Dan Monteavaro’s artwork can be found in the multiple private, city, and corporate collections; from Google, Inc. to the French Consulate of the US, and from The City of New York, Paramount, the NBA, MLS and Universal Pictures, to the Public Art collections of cities like Glendale, Los Angeles, and West Hollywood. Most recently, Dan Monteavaro’s work was acquired for the permanent collection of Iowa Museum of Modern Art (The Figge), exhibited at The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art and he was included in the juried BP Portrait Awards for The National Portrait Gallery in the United Kingdom. Dan currently lives and works out of Los Angeles, CA

Moncho 1929, Dan Monteavaro, creates captivating works of art that challenge his audiences to reconcile with the dualities of contemporary life. The chimeras that he creates offer a poignant reflection on contemporary global relationships. As the viewer observes the dualities that consume the series, they are intrigued by the gorgeous yet unnatural subjects. 

His intricate and awe-inspiring works abstract reality, forcing his viewers to question the ways we perceive the world around us.

The term chimera conjures images of mythological hybrid beings or scientific species where two opposing biologies exist in a singular being. Moncho 1929 toys with those conceptions to produce his peculiar combinations. What strikes the viewer first is the familiarity; they recognize a human figure, a horse body, the barrel of a gun. Then, confusion. Lost in a temporal entanglement, the wild west meets the industrial age with accompaniments by elements of modern life, the viewer witnesses one object seamlessly transition into another.

As these creatures emerge from the canvas, Moncho 1929 manages to maintain a balance. The surreal nature of his chimeras is elegantly complemented by the delicacy of line and color. Each work drawing the viewer further and further into a world of disparate narratives and thrilling creatures.