Garry Grant


Garry Grant, an esteemed artist hailing from New York City, has carved a name for himself
with his captivating large-scale abstract creations that often span across multiple canvases.
Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Grant embarked on his artistic journey through formal
education at the College for Creative Studies and Wayne State University. It was during the
preliminary stages of his career that Grant honed his skills as a master gilder, working
alongside renowned framing companies and specializing in the restoration of antique period
With a career spanning over two decades, Grant seamlessly melds the artistry of gilding and
restoration into his own unique artistic practice. He adeptly adapts materials and techniques
from these disciplines to breathe life into his captivating artworks. His unwavering dedication
and mastery have earned him recognition, as he proudly exhibits his creations in both group
and solo exhibitions across the United States.

Grant's artistic expression transcends boundaries, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in
his vibrant and evocative world. Through his art, he weaves a tapestry of emotions and
experiences, inviting contemplation and forging connections between the artist and the
observer. With every stroke, Grant's work invites us to explore new dimensions of creativity
and engage with the profound beauty of his artistic vision.

One of the defining elements of Grant's artistic practice is his deep fascination with ancient
history. Drawing inspiration from the splendor of long-forgotten civilizations and the enigmatic
stories of the past, his artworks evoke a sense of timelessness. The echoes of ancient cultures
resonate in his pieces, creating a powerful dialogue between the contemporary and the
historical. Grant's exploration of ancient history not only serves as a foundation for his creative
process but also invites viewers to ponder the enduring essence of human existence.

In each composition, Grant masterfully blends bold colors, intricate textures, and dynamic
forms, inviting the audience on a visual journey of discovery. His art exudes an ethereal quality
that transcends the tangible world, offering a glimpse into the realm of imagination and
introspection. Through his artistic prowess, Grant communicates a universal language that
transcends cultural boundaries, leaving an impression on all who encounter his works.

Garry Grant's artistic journey is a testament to the power of creativity, curiosity, and passion.
With every layer of wood and every gilded detail, he leaves an indelible mark on the art world,
captivating hearts, and minds with his profound artistic expression. As he continues to explore
the interplay between ancient history and contemporary art, Garry Grant's legacy as an artist
continues to unfold, enriching the world with his evocative and timeless creations.

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